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Spiritual self protection

Spiritual self protection is something we can all achieve if we learn to open up our minds to learning about the gifts that nature gave us when we were born. The simple fact is this human energy is real, the world is made up of energy and vibration. You only have to walk into a room where two or more people have had an argument to know there is something wrong, you can cut the air with a knife as they say.

Spiritual and psychic self protection is about developing breathing and mindset readjustment techniques to protect your mental and phycological wellbeing.

Again, I’m saying phycological self-protection not physical self-defence, I never like to think of myself on the backfoot when it comes to my physical or mental health. Self-protection suggests a more predatory mindset to overcome sinister and nefarious energy forces. You may think I’m being over the top or dramatic, but we are living in in 2022 never in my life have I experienced such division and aggressive behaviour in our society, being driven by sinister people with suspect motives that are certainly not here for the benefit of me and you.

We all need to learn the art of self protection for the mind body and spirit.

A word of warning if you take the road to becoming a warrior be prepared to make sacrifices and put principals over loss or gain. Stick to your guns when it comes to selling your soul for something you don’t believe in, or you think is wrong.

Develop a code of honour and do not sell out for comfort or an easy route to riches. Be prepared to walk the walk and live by the principals you believe in, don’t just talk a good game that’s for the weak minded and the unprincipled. One of the reasons I went out and worked on the doors as a bouncer is because I couldn’t stand the thought of teaching something that in reality I have never experienced and felt I had no right to do so, until I had walked the walk, and been forced to deal with the dark side of human nature.

As we are on the subject of self-protection for the mind working frontline security on the doors was the best training I ever had when it came to training my mind against dark soulless individuals looking to out psych me and get inside my head with their bad energy.

One of the reasons we have to strengthen our minds and resolve is we the warriors have to adapt with changing times. The past may always seem to be the halcyon days of yesteryear but in reality, there has always been turmoil in the world, with evil people taking advantage of the weak and helpless. The difference today is the lines are blurred the enemy is no longer on the other side of the wall wearing a uniform or 500 miles away in a foreign land. The political establishment have been corrupted and can no longer be trusted to preserve our individual rights as part of their agenda.

Many politicians are bought and sold by International and internal forces, including political and corporate businesses that do not have any interest in what’s best for the people it should be serving and protecting.

Many people who realise what’s going on will become bitter and angry and begrudge the people who just go with the flow and accept the changes going on without protesting or putting up a fight. You have to understand not everyone is a warrior or a fighter, even the ones who shout the loudest that that’s what they are, the ones who make the most noise can also be the ones who fall and give in at the first hurdle, or threat made against them.

Understand that if you take up the warriors position and make a stand you will make many enemy’s, but also understand most visible enemies are full of empty threats and are full of wind.

Most people’s greatest fear is being judged by others in society, the true spiritual warrior will stand his ground both emotionally and physically when it comes to defending what he or she regards as morally right and just.

A real warrior will make a moral decision based on his beliefs and moral code and stick to them, especially when it comes to defending the innocent and protecting family and friends against forces that are in greater numbers and pose a threat to your safety or financial stability. As a natural warrior giving into something that is morally wrong or tyranny will have longer lasting effects on your mental health than facing up to the tyranny or moral vacuum of these nefarious and sinister agendas.

The frontier walls have fallen and there are enemies and potential threats close by all around us, and we need to be able to spot and deal with them as best we can when they confront us.

As I said you can’t expect everyone to agree with you, the important thing is to find your tribe and make alliances with likeminded people and do everything possible to build bridges with those of opposing views and attitudes.

Historically spiritual self-protection has been based around the concept of self-defence and shielding yourself from negative energy by disengaging and avoiding sinister situations. I wish life and facing up to evil intentions was as simple as that but it’s not.

Traditionally spirituel self-protection has been all about taking up the position from a self-defence perspective. Problem is on the street there is no such thing as self-defence if you want to survive an attack, you are far better to take up the position of pro-active self-protection.

Anytime you are in physical or mental danger you need to take up a position of assertive action not passive reaction.

The human body is made up of electrical energy and anything made up of electrical energy gives out electrical impulses to the objects around them. This is one of the reasons why you can pick up on signals of how people are feeling that are around you. Many people refer to it as having a sixth sense when they pick up on trouble before it actually shows itself in a physical form or action.

This may sound farfetched but it’s a fact we all know when something is inherently wrong, it’s called a gut feeling but over hundreds of years of being told there’s no such thing most of the population don’t use or act upon what mother nature has given them to protect themselves with.

Over thinking can be very detrimental to us, overthinking can totally disrupt our decision-making process. Have you ever heard of the saying, he or she cannot see the wood for the trees? For many the education system and certain people in the scientific community have been constantly telling us to analyse and be analytic in our thinking, because any other method is unreliable and unproven.

But, if you go back only a few hundred years ago, your natural gut instinct and your ability to pick up energy signals was your key to survival.

Intuition or gut feelings are also the result of a lot of processing that happens in the brain. The brain is a large predictive machine, constantly absorbing incoming sensory/energy information and in the moment experiences, against stored knowledge and memories of previous experiences, and predicting what will probably happen next.

Most people at one time or another, have had an intuitive feeling about something for no reason whatsoever, maybe it was deciding not to walk somewhere and take the car instead for no good reason, just a feeling that that was the right thing to do. How many times have you walked into an office, room or a bar and picked up a bad vibe? Most people have been conditioned to ignore it, that is a big mistake, intuition and gut feeling are your survival instincts that have been perfected by mother nature for thousands of years.

Working on the doors for 15 years, I lived and survived on my gut instinct and picking up on people’s bad energy even before anything had happened. Individuals give off energy, good or bad it is just energy, if you listen to your gut you can pick up on it. There would be certain nights working in crowded bars that the team would be whispering to each other, there’s something in the air tonight, something doesn’t feel right, crowds produce far more energy than just one person sometimes you could cut the energy in the air with a knife so to speak, and on every occasion our instincts were proven right. It also worked the other way some nights however busy, there was just an air of calm energy about them and went smoothly.

Trust your intuition and see it for what it really is: a fast, automatic, subconscious process picking up on the energy that surrounds us, it can provide us with extremely useful information that deliberate over analysing can’t. We need to understand and to accept that intuitive and analytic thinking complement each other, and should time allow in a serious situation be weighed up against each other in difficult decision-making situations.

Dark forces negative energy and malevolent personalities

If you want to understand and defend yourself and your family against dark and negative energy you have to study and understand it.

From the book.

Martial Arts the Warriors path to physical and spiritual Self Protection

By David Oakley (Copyright 2022)


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