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Bushido the warriors code

The eight virtues of the Samurai

  1. Righteousness

Always be totally honest on your dealings with people. Bushido warriors believe in moral justice and what is truly the right thing to do. Never go against what you truly believe to be a righteousness action to take in pursuit of your own personal gain, and do not have dealings with others who do not have the same ideals, and if you are forced to deal with or mix with these people never sacrifice your own code of honour while in their company.

  1. Courage

A true warrior who follows Bushido must have heroic courage both physical and mentally Being courageous. Is not just for the bloody battlefield. It’s also the willingness to stand up for what is morally right in any situation be it defending a loved one or work colleague, even if it means risking your own financial security or friendships in the pursuit of what is truly right. Choosing to do the right and moral thing for another person requires more strength than you can imagine.

  1. Benevolence, Compassion

Training in martial arts through hard work, pain builds mental fortitude through this hard training the true warrior becomes fast, strong, and confident. They are not like most people. They develop through power and aura of physical and mental invincibility that must be used for helping people and building more warriors. They have compassion and strong calling to do what is right. They will be constantly looking to help others and spread their influence for others to do the same.

  1. Bushido is about Respect

True warriors never feel the need to prove themselves you won’t find them telling everyone how good they are or how bad other people are. Warriors are respected for their respectful and polite full dealings with others in times of peace as well as times of war. A real warrior knows how good he is, he has no need or desire to go round telling others how strong or fast he is. A true warrior also respects his opponents in the field of life and the battlefield.

  1. Honesty

A warriors word is his bond, a true Bushido warrior will never knowingly lie for any reason. As a warrior if you tell someone you will do something for them, then there will be no doubt on that task being completed. A warrior is never unreliable or breaks a promise made. A warrior can always be depended upon an any situation to give his best and complete any task that he has promised to undertake.

  1. Bushido Honour

Warriors have only one judge of honour and character, and this is themselves, and they judge themselves very harshly on any decisions they make and how these decisions affect the world around them as they are a reflection of who they truly are. You cannot hide from yourself; a true warrior looks in the mirror and sees and x ray of his true character.

  1. Duty and Loyalty of Bushido

Warriors are responsible and quite prepared to own everything that they have done and everything that they have said and stand by the consequences of their actions. They are totally and unequivocally loyal to all of those whom they feel kinship and responsibility for. They regard loyalty and protection for family and friends as a hill to die on.

  1. Bushido is about Self-Control

In BushidoSelf-control is perhaps the most important of all the virtues as without it none of the other virtues could not be fulfilled. Without self-control there is no way of going through the pain that forges our minds and bodies.

From the book.

Martial Arts the Warriors path to physical and spiritual Self Protection

By David Oakley (Copyright 2022)


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